Unitron Moxi 2 and Quantum 2

Both product families incorporate signature technologies that deliver the ease of listening and clarity of speech necessary to create a best first fit experience and overall increased patient satisfaction.

SmartFocus™ 2 includes enhancements that offer a new level of speech intelligibility in noise and limit the distracting noises that impact more than 90 per cent of a patient’s hearing experience.

Unitron’s Automatic Adaptation Manager is proven to keep new wearers more satisfied by starting them at their preferred listening levels, then transitioning them to the amplification they need, gradually, comfortably and automatically.

Fresh new styles for maximum flexibility

Moxi2 and Quantum2 product families introduce fresh new styles providing hearing healthcare professionals (HHCPs) with even greater flexibility to meet patient needs.

The Moxi2 family includes a choice of three receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles, including the Moxi2 Kiss and the new robust Moxi2 Dura, while the Quantum2 family offers a complete selection of performance BTEs and ITEs, including a new BTE.