Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

This is the most common type of hearing test.

The aim of this test is to establish the quietest sounds you are able to hear at different frequencies or pitches. The test takes approximately 20 minutes.

This test must be performed in a quiet environment.

What to expect:

Our Audiologist will provide a full and thorough explanation of this test and what is expected from you during the test.

Prior to the test, a full examination will be performed of your ear by a process called Otoscopy. The Audiologist will shine a light deep into your ear canal to assess state of the ear and identify any areas that may require further intervention.

A set of headphones will be placed carefully over your ears and you will be given a response button.

The Audiologist will play you a series of sounds through these headphones. The sounds will be played into one ear at a time only. The sounds will be simple tones, usually played at six different pitches that represent the important range of human hearing.

Each time you hear a sound being played via the headphones, you will be required to press the response button for as long as you hear the sound. When you no longer hear the sound, you can let go of the button.

Each time you correctly identify a sound being played the Audiologist will reduce the intensity of the sound until you can no longer hear the sound. Rest assured this procedure will be repeated a few times to enable you to understand the procedure.

Once the quietest level has been identified at each frequency, the Audiologist will make a note of this. This procedure will be repeated for both ears.

If there is something you are not too sure about then do not hesitate to ask the Audiologist.