Tinnitus can be defined as the perception of a sound without any external stimulus.

Simply put any sound that is heard where there is not actually an external sound being produced, instead the sound is heard in the ears or the head. These sounds may be perceived as ringing, buzzing, humming, clicking and many other sounds.

This perception may be present in one ear, both ears or in the head. It may be constant, fluctuating or intermittent.

10% of the adults within the UK suffer from this condition with a tenth of these reporting significant deficits to quality of life. Tinnitus can lead to sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress to name a few.

The knowledge of tinnitus is not necessarily very well understood by health professionals and although there is no medical cure at this stage there are various management options that can significantly reduce the impact of the tinnitus.

At The Hearing Care Clinic we tailor our approach to your individual needs. We offer proven products to help with the management of your tinnitus from bedside sound generators to ear level devices.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be experiencing tinnitus then please get in touch with one of our audiologists who will be able to offer further advice.

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