Real Ear Measurements (REMs)

Every human being has unique features; this includes their eyes, nose and even their ears.

The size and shape of an individual’s external ear and ear canal plays a role in the fitting of a hearing aid. This is because the size and shape of the ear canal affects the acoustics and resonant qualities of the ear!

The gold-standard of hearing aid fitting includes real-ear measurement, also known as ‘probe-microphone measurement.’

This technique allows us to measure what the hearing aid is delivering to the eardrum, taking into account the acoustic properties of the ear canal!

Without performing this measurement, there is no way to know whether a hearing aid is providing the amplification across the frequencies to correct the hearing loss.

Why risk spending thousands of pounds on hearing aids that may not be programmed to the best of its ability?

A significant proportion of hearing aids are fitted without using REMs mainly due to skill of the dispenser or access to the right equipment to name a few.