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The tests that we perform:

Pure Tone Audiometry

This is the most common type of hearing test. The aim of this test is to establish the quietest sounds you are able to hear at different frequencies or pitches. The test takes approximately 20 minutes. This test must be performed in a quiet environment.

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Uncomfortable Loudness Levels

The purpose of this test is to establish the level at which sound becomes uncomfortable. This information can then be used when setting up your hearing aid and in order to help protect your ears from any uncomfortably loud sounds. This test is usually carried out immediately following the audiometric hearing test.

Real Ear Measurements

Every human being has unique features; this includes their eyes, nose and even their ears. The size and shape of an individual’s external ear and ear canal plays a role in the fitting of a hearing aid. This is because the size and shape of the ear canal affects the acoustics and resonant qualities of the ear!

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Tympanometry tests the movement of the eardrum ruling out the presence of an ear infection or other middle ear problem. A tip of a handheld tool is placed into the ear canal. The tool changes the air pressure inside the ear and produces a clear tone. Then the tool measures how the eardrum responds to the pressure and the sound.

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